The Natural sea sponge company

A touch of nature from the depths of the sea.


Sea sponges are a perfect way of taking care of your skin in a gentle and caring way.
Ideal for babies, children and adults.

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The Natural Sea Sponge, incredibly soft and gentle, are the natural alternative of synthetic, chemical-containing sponges and the perfect choice for bathing babies and children of all ages.

Our natural sea sponges are dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and create a rich lather with just a drop of baby wash or soap , protecting the baby's delicate skin.

The Mediterranean sea provides us with the two most superior and durable types of sponges, Fina 'silk and Honeycomb, which guarantee the smoothest surface with the softest and gentlest touch.Private label and OEM enquiries are welcome.


Mediterranean Sea sponges are world renowned for their superior quality, unmatched for their softness and considered by all as the more luxurious and premium choice in sea sponges.

Our sea sponge turn a beauty routine into a treat, helping to exfoliate the skin in a gentle, caring and natural way. Due to the large pores on the sponge, it lathers easily and retains water ideal for rinsing.

The ultimate in personal luxury,  ideal for daily use on delicate skin for all ages. All sizes available.Private label and OEM enquiries are welcome.


Our small sized sponges are ideal for the delicate facial skin due to their smooth and absorbent properties. Fina 'silk' sponges are the softest and silkiest sponges with small pores, excellent for application and removal of cosmetics and moisturising skin whereas Honeycomb sponges,  due to its larger pores, are ideal for cleansing. Both are small sizes and reusable after rinsing.

Our face care sets includes a complete selection of  small fina and honeycomb sponges for make-up removal/applying, general cleansing  and everyday face care.Private label and OEM inquiries are welcome.


Natural sea sponges are widely used for interior decorating painting or faux effect painting. 

There are many techniques and the final result is limited only from painter's imagination.

Relatively easy way to add depth and interest to a wall.Every type of sponge has is own unique effect .All sizes and types available.


Olive oil, rich in vitamin A and E and anti-oxidants, is an important ingredient in many successful skin care products.  Our olive oil soaps are made with the traditional way simply containing saponofied olive oil, sea salt and water, to ensure  moisture and nutrients remain  on your skin which are otherwise removed with regular soaps.

The benefits of olive oil soap are countless, such as helping with acne, stretch-marks, anti-aging and generally reducing the occurrence of dry skin.
No animal testing, no parabens , animal fats  or harsh chemicals, just pure and simple olive oil soap made with the purest ingredients Greece has to offer, for total olive skin care.  Private label and OEM inquiries are welcome. 

The journey of our products


Natural Sea Sponges


Olive Oil Soaps

About Us

Our family business processes and exports to wholesalers worldwide, our Kereso brand and private label-OEM orders of natural sea sponges.

We work hand in hand with  fishermen who harvest sea sponges, from Crete to Kalymnos- Aegean sea and the surrounding seas, following centuries old Greek traditions.

Our purpose is to bring the Mediterranean touch in your daily skin care, creating a luxurious and pure experience.

Kereso, The sea sponge company

Your wholesale supplier & exporter of  natural - organic sea sponges in bulk for importers and brand owners. Available types for export, OEM and private label: honeycomb, fino silk, grass,wool, hardhead and wool  sponges for baby bath, face care, adults and painting sponges.

We Ship Worldwide

Kereso Sea Sponges
Agios Nikolaos,
Post code 7210,
Crete island, Greece
Tel: +30. 2841 025050

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